It's easy to come up with ideas - that's why they're only worth a dime. But, putting your ideas out there can be worth so much more! 

Over the years, I have had countless ideas. Courses I wanted to build, podcasts I wanted to create, businesses I wanted to launch, and everything in between that I just never got a chance to do.

I went to into a phase where I was looking for soultions to maybe motivate me to be able to execute so I joined a dozen accountability groups, signed up for email list that I felt could push me to make my ideas happen, and followed every business coach and strategist that I thought I wanted to be. 

Truth is, none of that worked. 

I still had to do the work no matter how much motivational webinars I watched. 

I still had to do the work no matter how many people I was receiving knowlege from. 

I still had to the work no matter how much money I spent on training me to do so. 

It felt quite shattering that after spending countless hours and thousands of dollars, I had still not made a dime on my investments nor was able to build anything to show for it. 

The work still had to be done and I still had to do it. 


I came up with a solution - a part accountability program and a bunch of ridiculous resources and live coaching program that will kick your ass and get you to execute!

Yes you still have work to do. 

But, you will have the full support of myself and dedicated members of the Worth a Million Membership to help push you through. 

I know what you're thinking. Is this just another course platform and accountability group. 


Here's how the Worth a $1M Membership is different: 
- You'll get resources all year round added to the membership platform. Once a quarter, a new resource will be available to you along with the tools, cheatsheets, courses, and webinars already in the program. SO YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO SPEND THOUSANDS ON COURSES!

- Every quarter, there will be a week of group coaching call where 5 members at a time will get complete access to me and access to each other. 

- DIRECT ACCESS TO ME PRETTY MUCH 24/7 via our slack channel. 

This membership is for you if:

  • You have ideas you want to launch
  • You're tired of buying courses, signing up for accountability groups, and figuring this out on your own
  • You want to start building something - you're tired of your ideas not making any money 

This membership is NOT for you if:

  • You won't put in the work to show up and get your ideas launched
  • You're looking for a quick way to make money 
  • You just want to join a group to advertise and sell what you do

Hey look - that's me!

Web designer / developer, business strategist, writer, and just overall an idea generator. 

That's me to the right. Zobia Alvi. 

And I'm just extremely excited to help people like me - people who can't sit down and stay still for a second - constant dreamers and idea machines, finally put their ideas out there!

What the Worth $1M Membership Includes (SO FAR): 

Lesson One: Never Gonna Give You Up
This lesson details how to never give up on someone. To make sure that you give them enough chances.

Lesson Two: Never Gonna Let You Down
Rick dives into how not to let a person down. You want to give it your best effort to make sure you show someone you have what it takes.

Lesson Three: Never Gonna Run Around
Running around is another way of saying being unfaithful or flakey. You don't want to do that and you'll how not to.

Lesson Four: Never Gonna Desert You
Rick explains the different between deserting someone and taking someone out for dessert. Very different things and you should understand how to use each to your advantage.

Lesson Five: Never Gonna Make You Cry
Crying isn't fun, unless you're laughing hysterically at something. Learn how to avoid making people cry because of unhappy things.

Lesson Six: Never Gonna Say Goodbye
It may seem like you have to say goodbye at times, but that's not the case. We break the actionable ways you can avoid uncomfortable goodbyes of any kind.

Lesson Seven: Never Gonna Tell A Lie
Lying is bad. You may think a little white lie is okay, but it can be really hurtful at times.

Lesson Eight: Never Gonna Hurt You
We finish strong with tips, tricks, tactics, and hacks to avoid hurting someone. You never want to hurt someone, so pay close attention here.

Ready to make your ideas worth a $1M? Select an option below!

Annual Membership ($45/year for a limited time)

  • 8 lessons written in video format and sung to you by Rick
  • Loads of bonuses, examples, extras and resources about never giving up (XLSs, PDFs, and more)
  • Tear-downs of "Ooh, give you ups" (PNGs)
  • Bonus dubstep remixes (Audio)
  • A beautifully designed and customizable landing page template that won't make you cry (PSD)

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A $1200 value!

1 year Membership + ONE ON ONE Coaching ($250 one time fee for a limited time)

  • 8 lessons written in video format and sung to you by Rick
  • Loads of bonuses, examples, extras and resources about never giving up (XLSs, PDFs, and more)
  • Tear-downs of "Ooh, give you ups" (PNGs)
  • Bonus dubstep remixes (Audio)

Buy Now (Instant Access)

Over $500 in additional value!
Rick will never run you around, he'll never desert you, he'll never make you cry, and he'll never say goodbye.